The Congress is now due to go-ahead in 2022 after being postponed from its original dates in 2020 (due to the corona-virus outbreak). 

In March 2020, it was postponed until July 2021, but in July 2020 this decision was revisited, and the NCS trustees agreed then that there should be a further postponement, to July 2022.

All of these web-pages are now out of date (they still describe plans for July 2020), but they will be updated in due course. 

As far as possible, the arrangements will be "rolled over" from what was planned for July 2020. 

22nd Biennial New Chaucer Society Congress, Durham 2020


All of the Congress's academic sessions will take place at the new Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) on South Road. 

The Cathedral will be the venue for a special concert on Monday 13th, and at the Castle there will also be (ticketed, optional) Conference Dinners on Tuesday the 14th and Thursday 16th. Both Castle and Cathedral are in the historic centre of Durham, about 15 minutes' walk away from the TLC.

The congress's "social hub" will be at Collingwood College (which is just a couple of minutes' walk from the TLC), where delegates will be offered evening-meals in the dining-hall, and where they will have access to the college bar. 

There is plenty of good-quality accommodation in Durham. Over 200 rooms are currently being held for NCS delegates, either at Collingwood College or at one of its near neighbours, Grey, Van Mildert or St Aidan's (all within 10 minutes walk of the TLC). There are also 80 rooms being held for delegates at the Marriott hotel (about 14 minutes from the TLC) and another 30 at the Radisson (about 22 minutes).

The Nave of Durham Cathedral: location for the concert on Monday 13th July, 2020 


Collingwood College: the Congress's "social hub"


The Great Hall of Durham Castle: location for the conference dinner on Thursday 16th July, 2020

Navigating Durham

Being a brand-new building, the TLC does not yet appear on all internet maps/navigation services. However, it is very close to the Bill Bryson Library (the University's Main Library). If you zoom in on the map below, you will see South Road just to the south of the river. On the corner between South Road and Stockton Road is the Bryson Library. The TLC is on the opposite side of South Road from the Library (i.e. on the west side of the road). The Cathedral and Castle are both on Palace Green, which is the large green space in the middle of the "peninsula", the area bounded by the bend in the river visible in the photograph above. The bridge to the lower right of this picture (Kingsgate Bridge) offers the fastest (pedestrian) route to the TLC, which is just out of shot, about a hundred yards away from the small church at the bottom of the picture (St Oswald's).

University of Durham Interactive Map

For an alternative map of the city (with labels on the University's various buildings) please click the link to the right!

Distances and Heights

All of the Congress's academic sessions will take place in the same building (the TLC), which has lifts/elevators as well as stairs.

In the city more generally, there are some hills, steps and cobbles in Durham (so good shoes are recommended), but neither the distances nor the gradients are large. Here are some indicative figures:

Distances (on foot): 
  • TLC to Collingwood – 0.3 miles, 8 minutes (up 90ft) 
  • TLC to Palace Green – 0.6 miles, estimated time 13 minutes (up 60ft, down 30ft including a flight of 17 steps)  
  • Palace Green to Market Place – 0.2 miles, 5 minutes (down 45ft) 
  • TLC to Market Place – 0.8 miles, 17 minutes (up 100ft, down 40ft) 
  • Marriott Royal County to TLC – 0.6 miles, 14 minutes (up 100ft) 
  • Radisson to TLC – 1.1 miles, 22 minutes (up 110ft) 
  • Railway station to TLC – 1.2 miles, 26 minutes (up 100ft, down 140ft) 
Source: Google Maps

By comparison: 
  • Toronto, Victoria College to Art Gallery of Ontario – 1.2 miles, 24 minutes (height gain: 60ft) 
  • Toronto, Victoria College to Central Library – 0.7 miles, 13 minutes (height loss: 10ft) 
Source: Google Maps

  • Palace Green (Cathedral and Castle) - 220ft above sea level
  • TLC – 220ft above sea level
  • Kingsgate Bridge (the lowest point between Palace Green and the TLC) – 160ft above sea level
  • the river Wear (always at the lowest point in the city!) – 120ft above sea level 
  • Collingwood College – 300ft above sea level
  • Grey College – 300ft above sea level
  • Van Mildert College – 280ft above sea level
  • Marriott Royal County – 130ft above sea level
  • Radisson – riverside

Distances (by car/taxi)
  • Radisson to TLC – 1.3 miles, 8 minutes
  • Marriott to TLC – 0.6 miles, 4 minutes
  • Railway station to TLC – 1.4 miles, 6 minutes
  • Collingwood to Newcastle Airport – 25 miles, 36 minutes
Source: Google maps
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